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63rd Annual Little Britches Parade

May 21, 2022 @ 10:00am


This year we

Salute young farmers and ranchers of the Foothills

Rules & Regulations



  • The Little Britches Parade assumes no responsibility in connection with, and makes no representation as to safety of any Parade Entry, in whole or in part, solely by reason of compliance with Parade Rules and Regulations.
  • The ultimate responsibility for safety lies with each individual Entry. Entries must comply with all Parade Rules and Regulations as well as comply with all Government Regulations, safety codes, manufacturer’s recommendations and similar standards.


Due to events which have occurred in other parts of the country, please read carefully as there have been some changes in the interests of safety.

  • Walkers must accompany all floats or vehicles if any candy or favours are given out. There will be NO throwing of candy or other objects allowed.
  • 2022: We encourage wearing masks for parade participants and spectators.
  • Vehicles and trailers used as floats must have a maximum size of 8' wide x 50' long.
  • All floats with riders must have an adequate guardrail or other barrier to keep riders safe. Your float, vehicle and/or trailer, must come to a complete stop if you need to exchange riders for walkers or vice versa.
  • Inappropriate music, signage, or attire unsuitable for viewing by our family audience (eg. containing profanity, swearing, degrading comments, bullying, etc.) is not acceptable.
  • The use of noisemakers or band practice is forbidden near animals. The firing of Firearms is not permitted (live or blank). All decorative materials must be fire retardant. The use of open flames on any Entry is strongly discouraged.
  • All vehicles must be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the Parade. Drivers and other persons on all Entries must have a means of RAPID escape in an emergency.
  • Alcoholic beverages and prohibited drugs are forbidden.
  • All livestock shall be in good health and sound condition.
  • Participants are to conduct themselves in a responsible manner respecting other participants, volunteers, and neighbouring communities. Though the Parade Committee make efforts to ensure the safety of personal, livestock, and property, it is the responsibility of the Parade Participants to ensure the safety of bystanders and/or private or public property within their control or supervision.

Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in being part of the High River Little Britches Parade. Registration has closed. We hope you will come to watch on the parade route.
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